About Us

A Hub For Engineers By Engineers

Our Story

Nordes is a hub created by engineers and for engineers. We have lived the life of consultants and experienced the several challenges they face. Be it personal growth, complexities and challenges of the projects, work environment and most importantly compensation for the value they create, we now understand why job hopping in this industry is relatively frequent.


We have longed to address these issues and that’s why we came up with the idea to form an engineering consultancy with a motto of ‘Employee at the center’. Our team envisions a philosophy that, when you assemble a group of like-minded, passionate individuals and foster an environment where they feel motivated, appreciated, and secured, you can take on any level of challenges and always come out ahead.

Nordes continuously works to create a sanctuary for talented and passionate engineers where they can express themselves and help to solve our customer problems with great dedication and commitment.

Regarding our clients, the practice of employees at the center will provide an extremely lean and uncomplicated organizational assistance so that your money and time will be valued with a much better prospect. Our team will predominantly comprise engineers, resulting in a massive reduction in administrative costs and better compensation for engineers. This will not only help with employee retention rate but also elevate the quality of work.And the most significant part, you will enjoy the best of two worlds, a cross between consulting and freelancing which will guarantee you the highest level of accountability and problem-solving.


We are here to make a difference and hopefully inspire others to transform the traditional consulting job into an exciting and challenging prospect for a holistic career.